Founded in 2002, SNap(R) Group is an innovative group that is committed to providing highly efficient solutions for life, highly committed to entertainment, fun, knowledge, history, updates and a fond to help the helpless community. With the combination of years of experience in Health Care, Business Management, Online exploration of today's world and emerging technologies, we are focusing on providing affordable, compatible, interoperable and vast source of entertainment to our viewers at simply no cost.

Nap(R) Group is working with a group of qualified professionals and operates as a source of vast variety of knowledge and entertainment that manages every aspect of a daily life, including Health Care, Business Management, Electronic World, hope, assistance, and updates.

SNap(R) Group is committed to enhancing the overall efficiency and entertainment as much as we can approach the information through the different mediums for the provision of an internet-based solution. The SNap(R)'s commitment to its member's success is backed by a group of professionals with the synergy of both proficient technical expertise and extensive knowledge. They operate under the highest degree of professionalism and are guided by integrity. 


SNap(R) Group is committed to excellence in Entertainment & Health Care for its viewers.
Through the use of technology, SNap(R) Group thrives on dedication and innovative tools used to solve the problems of today's world is a basic vision of SNap(R).

SNap(R) is a dedicated Mailing Group. Which was founded in April 2006 through Yahoo Groups. SNap(R) Group was first introduced in 2004 with such impressions to win the hearts of people by delivering the quality in the entertainment, and to help out the people who are helpless.
SNap(R) was founded by alone boy, and later on the SNap(R) family goes on increasing as its name get familiarized for its service in electronically delivering the mails full of knowledge, entertainment, news, updates, history, healthcare and lots of more.
We are very thankful of all of you to be a part of SNap(R) family.

 - SNap(R) Team