Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jobs Section on Facebook

Dear Viewers,
After successful growth of Health Informatrix, SNap(R) is proudly announcing its new section which was originated on February 2010,with a mission to provide every possible efforts for Employment Resources. 
We are feeling honour to represent another successful Portal which is for the Employment Opportunities where we are struggling to provide best Employment Resources.
After its own recognization in its viewers, Jobs Section will be working now as an Independent Unit, which will be working within SNap(R) for certain months and afterwards it will be given to the next team to make all possible efforts to provide with best Employment Resources.
Jobs Section is now available on Facebook also. You can get all the upates on Facebook.
You can share your thoughts, suggestions, and any of the job you want to share with others.

Also you can email us at

To view a page Click Here...

Once again thank you for your support and time. We really appreciate it.
SNap(R) Professional Bloggers

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking for Someone

Dear Viewers,

I hope that you all are enjoying your visit on SNap(R) Blogs. We are trying our level best to make it more healthier than before.

In this regards we have planned a program for all of you to promote our works. Due to some good attachment of our viewers they have demanded something more. We are looking for following creativities;
  1. e-Marketing Ideas.
  2. Banners, Icons, Logos & other graphical designs including Blogger templates.
  3. Ideas & Innovations to boost the programes.
All those who will be selected for these purposes will get a consultation fees. Those candidates who worked smarter will be promoted on SNap(R) & will be working as an official member of SNap(R). He/She will be paid as per their work.

Interested candidates needs to contact on or for further details.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Achievement of Health Informatrix

Health Informatrix was founded in December 2009 with the name of SNap(R) Health Informatrix. In Septemner 2010 its name was changed as Health Informatrix.

In January 2011 Health Informatrix has been rewarded with the donation of $500 for its efforts in Healthcare Industry.
Health Informatrix is independent blog which is been executed by a single young professional.

At comments one of its viewer expresses "I usually read posts on health informatrix, doing great job. I went through all of related blogs and found that some youngster is executing them alone. I appreciate ur work and potential. There is a need of  professionals like you to work in Healthcare Industry. Let me know if I can help you in anyway or any Medicare related issues or if you want me to promote your unique posts with us government funding programs. You can reach me anytime. I would be happy to hear from you."

Beside these words, Health Informatrix has been given a donation of $500 to run its services from a free blogger to its own domain & for making more efforts.

Such type of motivation not only increases the strength of our work but also provides a financial strength to run these blogs.

These blogs are self-funded and all income generated from its Advertisements & donations used to make our services better with time to time.

If you want to donate you can simply donate in following ways;
  1. Providing your leads to SNap(R) which includes; (Jobs, Healthcare etc)
  2. Visiting the sites by clicking our advertisers.
  3. Providing Advertisements to SNap(R).
  4. Providing skills to promote our services.
  5. Making donations.

If you want to make any sort of contribution with SNap(R), please contact us at or

Thank you for your support.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank you all for your Support.

With your support SNap(R) is moving ahead.

Your support made us potentilly active to provide you even more than before. We've made a remarkable moves under Health Informatrix.

We are officially changing domain for Health Informatrix. We are moving towards registered domain with the help of some financial assistance of our viewers. Your help is really appreciated which made us to achieve this target easily. Health Informatrix will be on-line from new domain in the middle of March.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

World’s Seven Most Easiest Things To Do

If given a choice, we as Human Beings, are very fond of picking-up easy activities or tasks or assignment or projects, at least till the time we are pushed to or are left with no other choice but to breach the comfort zone. For example, we don’t like any assessment of our knowledge or work but we want people to believe that, “I and only I am the best”; and we don’t like to compete, rather we try to ignore the completion but we like to be declared as a winner. There are many such examples and incidents where we have demonstrated that we like “the easy way out”. This article is an attempt to highlight some of the things that we love doing and few other things that we conveniently try to ignore or avoid and rather find it difficult to do. Let’s first discuss easy things.

1.       Complaining
2.       Finding Mistakes
3.       Gossiping
4.       Blaming      
5.       Giving opinions and unwarranted advices
6.       Giving-up   
7.       Taking the credit

After having discussed the easiest tasks of our life and something that we all do, let’s touch upon some of the most difficult tasks of our life, something we ignore and prefer to avoid.

1.       Appreciating Others:
2.       Making / Taking Decision:   
3.       To carry-on or to begin from Zero or to continue after set-back or failure:
4.       To Accept the Truth:
5.       Handling success and fame:
This write-up is a summary of my experiences and interactions with various people from different walks of life, society and cultures. From a kindergartner kid to a CEO of a company, everybody knows how to find mistakes and complain about the current status. From someone who has won a lottery for the first time to a new acting or singing sensation to a seasoned performer and a first time manager, many of them mishandle success and fame and thereby doom downward.

We welcome your comments and feedback because that’s been very crucial for us. Feel free to contact us for any clarification or professional assistance.

Have a great day and take good care of yourself.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We at SNap(R)

Working for yourself round the clock was never been easy....

While working for others round the clock is like to help others....

Feeling so lucky to work for others by providing the information and collecting the donations recieved by them for those who need it. 

At SNap(R) we work with no profits... We only have expenses to run our blogs and rest all the donations and revenue goes for those who need it.

Our motive is to provide a channel to those who need it. We are a voice of those who were not been heard... Please join our hands to be one voice. To help others... To build one voice for others...

We run ourself with donations made to SNap(R) & revenue generated through the ads.

If you want to help SNap(R) in its mission in any way write us on today.

Collaboration with Jobs Section under one Name of SNap(R)

We are on one platform....

Providing Career Opportunities to others & we joined with Jobs Section to provide one large and strong platform together.


Thanks for your support...
Feeling so much greatful after working on a same channel with Health Informatrix.

About Health Informatrix:
The Health Informatrix is a group of professionals dedicated to the success of medical practices and healthcare businesses.
We Collaborate together on client projects to ensure that the medical community can continue to be a successful business while they focus on their primary objectives.

Contact Details:

Thank you for making us to make it possible....